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The Powell Foundation seeks to foster environmental benefits for current and future generations by connecting people to nature, building environmental stewardship, and addressing critical problems in the local environment.

Our Conservation investments are focused in the following areas 

Conservation & Environmental Education

to Nature


Photo Courtesy of: Houston Arboretum and Nature Center

We invest in organizations who champion efforts to:

  • Create high-quality conservation and environmental science learning experiences for children and youth.
  • Foster an appreciation and understanding of nature, the natural environment, and environmental stewardship, particularly among children and youth. 
  • Increase equitable access to public parks and urban greenspaces to support community wellbeing.
  • Address critical environmental issues and efforts focused on protecting, preserving, and improving natural resources impacting our geographies through the support of programs, initiatives, and advocacy efforts.

The Powell Foundation is interested in understanding the extent to which our Conservation investments impact the following population-level indicators:

Number of schools and students accessing environmental and conservation education programming

Access to urban parks and greenspaces

Percentage of the population within a 10-minute walk from a park

Improvements in Environmental Quality

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