Aligned Cradle-to-Career Education System

The Powell Foundation supports efforts to coordinate and connect people, programs, systems, and policies and collective efforts to create a seamless and integrated educational pathway for children and youth.

Our Aligned Cradle-to-Career Education System investments are focused in the following area

Effective Tools,
Policies, and

Photo Courtesy of: E3 Alliance

We invest in organizations who champion efforts to:
  • Promote continuity across the education system, supporting students at pivotal transition points and accelerating high-impact practices.
  • Convene and build a coalition of advocates in support of a sustained and scaled cradle-to-career continuum.
  • Invest stakeholders in an aligned vision for strengthening and better connecting early childhood, K-12, and post-secondary.
  • Democratize access to user-friendly data and the creation of tools to track and monitor outcomes for students across the full continuum.

Grantee Spotlights

Philanthropy Advocates

Philanthropy Advocates, a collaboration with Educate Texas, was created to protect, promote, and improve public education in Texas so that all students can achieve their educational goals from cradle to career. The Powell Foundation provides support for Philanthropy Advocates’ research and advocacy efforts related to early childhood, effective teaching, and pathways to college and career.

E3 Alliance

E3 Alliance seeks to transform education systems through data and collaboration so that all students can succeed. Grant funding from the Powell Foundation supported the refinement of E3’s literacy rubric tool and the expansion of an attendance initiative designed to strengthen relationships between families and schools and improve student outcomes and attendance.

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