Quality Public K-12 Schools

The Powell Foundation believes that all students should receive a high-quality public K-12 education through access to effective schools, curriculum, programming, and support services that ensure they graduate from high school prepared for post-secondary success.

Our Quality Public K-12 Schools investments are focused in the following areas



Quality Schools
& School Models

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We invest in organizations who champion efforts to:
  • Strengthen preparation, pathways, training, and development for teachers, school leaders, and district leaders.
  • Ensure students receive high-quality, evidence-based academic instruction, programming, and supports.
  • Promote the positive development of non-cognitive skills, social-emotional learning, and positive school climate and culture.
  • Scale and expand access to high-quality district and public charter school models that strengthen educational outcomes for all students.

The Powell Foundation is interested in understanding the extent to which our Quality Public K-12 School investments impact the following population-level indicators:

Number of A and B rated schools within our focus geographies

Number of third graders demonstrating proficiency in reading
Number of eighth graders demonstrating proficiency in mathematics

Number of youth who graduate from high school

Narrowing disparate outcomes along the lines of race, gender, income, language, and ability

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