Supportive Communities

The Arts

The Powell Foundation works to promote vibrant communities by expanding equitable access to educational experiences in the arts and encouraging public engagement with diverse arts and culture.

Our Arts investments are focused in the following areas


Public Arts and
Culture Access

Photo Courtesy of: Arts Connect Houston

We invest in organizations who champion efforts to:

  • Provide arts education and cultural experiences to K-12 students, particularly those attending schools in “arts deserts”. 
  • Provide training on teaching and learning techniques that integrate the arts. 
  • Expand the community’s access to and engagement in the arts. 
  • Increase diversity and representation in the arts, with a lens towards historically marginalized groups.

The Powell Foundation is interested in understanding the extent to which our Arts investments impact the following population-level indicators:

Number of schools/students with access to arts education and arts enrichment experiences

Increased public access to the arts

Improved arts vibrancy in each county

Grantee Spotlights


MINDPOP’s mission is to expand equitable access to creative learning and the arts in classrooms, schools, and communities. Powell Foundation grant funds were used to support the Creative Learning Initiative, a partnership with Austin-area schools to provide professional development and resources to teachers and school leaders on arts-integrated teaching and learning strategies.

Houston Grand Opera

The mission of Houston Grand Opera is to enrich the diverse community through the art of opera. It focuses on creating, curating, exploring, and producing outstanding experiences centered around the human voice. Powell Foundation funding supports Houston Grand Opera’s Community Learning programs that serve more than 65,000 students per year through programs such as Opera to Go!, Storybook Opera, and HGO student performances.

BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, or a Person of Color) Artist Network Fund

The BIPOC Artist Network Fund seeks to advance the Houston BIPOC cultural ecosystem by cultivating stronger leadership of local artists and art organizations and by supporting and protecting local long-standing minority arts groups. The Powell Foundation is supporting the launch of the organization and the development of its student arts education initiatives.

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