Supporting public education, arts, conservation, and human services in Harris, Travis and Walker counties since 1967

Areas of Interest


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Driving Directions

Areas of Interest

The Strategic Focus of The Powell Foundation is to “Enhance the quality of life through robust public education with the goal of achieving career and college readiness for every public school student in Houston, Austin and Huntsville.”

Over the past twenty years the Powell Foundation has remained steadfast in supporting programs that are strong with a track record of high impact and outstanding outcomes. Over $14 million has been directed to core educational programs. An additional $10 million in grants has been directed to arts, conservation and human service programs as related to schools to ensure that children develop socially, physically and emotionally to achieve their full potential.

The Powell Foundation’s current emphasis is in the field of public education in the broadest sense.  Other areas of interest continue to be community service projects focused on the needs of children, the disadvantaged, the urban environment, and the visual and performing arts, especially in the Greater Houston area.

Total grants funded in 2017: $6,296,857

ARTS - $372,500
CONSERVATION - $1,390,000
EDUCATION - $3,800,000
OTHER - $523,457

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