Supporting public education, arts, conservation, and human services in Harris, Travis and Walker counties since 1967

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Driving Directions

Human services

The greater the quality of mental and physical health of its citizens the more productive a community can be. Children in particular if fed and cared for adequately will thrive and flourish. The Foundation supports efforts to improve people’s lives through improved access to primary care, mental health services, hunger prevention, homeless prevention and domestic abuse. Many of the health and human service programs supported by the Powell Foundation are focused on children in schools.

2017 HUMAN SERVICES - $210,900
Bridges to Life - Huntsville
Recidivism reduction program
Cathedral Health Outreach Ministries-The Beacon
Homeless services
Support for student education programs
De Pelchin Children’s Center
In school counseling for troubled children
Environmental Defense Fund
Initiatives for clean air in Houston
ESCAPE Family Resource Center
Child abuse prevention programs
Houston Compass, Inc
Case management for the homeless
Kids’ Meals
Nutrition program for young children under the age of three
Mental Health America
School Behavioral health program
Nick Finnegan Counseling Center
Trauma counseling for students impacted by Hurricane Harvey
Planned Parenthood of Houston and Southeast Texas
Education program support

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