Supporting public education, arts, conservation, and human services in Harris, Travis and Walker counties since 1967


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Thank you for your interest in The Powell Foundation. Please note that all requests must be submitted online through a two-step process. Submission and approval of a Letter of Inquiry (LOI) form is required before a full proposal may be submitted. Visit the How to Apply page for more information.


2121 San Felipe, Suite 110
Houston, TX 77019

Telephone: 713-523-7557

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Grant Guidelines


  • The requesting organization must be tax-exempt.
  • The Powell Foundation's Directors must be persuaded that the requesting organization engages
    in sound financial planning and solid management practices. The Foundation reserves the right at
    any time to request information on the destination of funds granted.
  • Normally, the Foundation will not consider requests for building funds or grant commitments
    extending into successive calendar years.
  • The Foundation Directors are interested principally in grants to be spent in the Foundation's
    geographic areas of interest, i.e., Harris, Travis, or Walker Counties, Texas.

The Foundation does not expect to support:

  • Grants to religious organizations for religious purposes.
  • Fund raising events or advertising.
  • Grants to other private foundations.
  • Grants to cover past operating deficits or debt retirement.
  • Grants for support to individuals.

The Board of Directors has the responsibility for final approval of each grant. Since the Foundation receives funding requests far in excess of its funds available for grants, only a small portion of the requests received can be approved. A decision not to fund a request does not reflect on the merits of the applicant or the value of its request, but rather results from limited resources.

Visit the How to Apply page for detailed information about the Foundation’s application process.